Marble is a sedimentary material that is mostly made up of calcium and is a softer material than granite. Because marble is a softer material, it will scratch and stain easily. Anything acidic such as ketchup, soda and some cleaners will etch the stone. Luckily, these issues can be fixed.

Like granite, marble comes in different finishes: honed, polished, or antiqued.

Honed: Is a matte finish, and is the most recommended finish for marble. If the finish is scratched, stained, or etched there is a simple way to fix it yourself or we would be more than happy to come out and fix the marble for you. For scratches and etching, all you will need is fine grit wet/dry sandpaper, water, and some sealer. First you will need to wet the “problem area”, and then in a circular motion get the wet/dry sandpaper and gently rub the problem out. After rubbing the “problem area” the marble will need to be sealed with either mineral oil or enhancer. For stains please contact us for more information.

Polished: Is a very glossy finish, that is not recommended for kitchens or heavily used bathrooms. Some products such as hairspray, toothpaste, shaving cream, and most cleaners will etch the polish. Once the polish is etched, it is a very messy and labor intensive to get the polish back to where it was.

Antiqued: Is very similar to a honed finish, but it has more of a textured finish and the care is the same.